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Piano & Theory Lessons 

With thirty five years of experience teaching piano, I have developed a personalized and adaptive program to support and encourage the learning of piano.


In order for the student to have a secure foundation in music, they are taught to develop a strong technique and heightened ability to read music.


Once basic technique and note reading is established, we then create a unique program taking into considerations their personal preferences while strengthening technical abilities.

Typically students will learn a blend of popular and classical styles, and may choose to prepare for exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music.Lessons are offered to students of all ages; children, teens, and adults.

For Children & Young Beginners:

I have written my own children's book which plays to the child's imagination and sense of fun, helps them learn how to read and understand notes, and easily draws them into the learning experience.



Teens are encouraged to continue to learn advanced classics and also popular songs of their own choosing. For those who choose to take exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music, exams are offered in central Maple Ridge 4 times a year. Theory and advanced harmony classes are also available.



Adult beginners often opt for a more relaxed program. As much as the students enjoy the beauty of the classics, it is simply fun to play the songs we know and love. It is still essential to cover the necessary fundamentals of technique and note reading to ensure a solid foundation, but they can do so at their own pace and in a very supportive environment.

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